Nonprofit's FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is reddit Donate?

reddit Donate is an easy-to-install button that allows subreddits to raise awareness and collect money for verified nonprofits.

How do I get a button?

Only authorized subreddit administers, called moderators, can add the button to a subreddit. We work with reddit's API to validate these moderators credentials. From there, they select a partnering nonprofit from our reddit donate community. A button will then appear in their subreddit, which will be able to funnel donations to your nonprofit.

Who holds the money?

reddit Donate doesn't hold or process the funds. We're a "conduit for good" (aka a button). All funds are held in free Dwolla and Stripe accounts until a nonprofit is ready to transfer the funds to their bank accounts.

What are the nonprofit requirements for reddit Donate?

As a side-project, reddit Donate is currently only able to work with 501(c)(3) nonprofits. This designation is regulated and monitored by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. These accreditations provide reddit Donate and the subreddits with greater transparency into and accountability into nonprofits through the services of GuideStar and Charity Navigator.

  • • Registering nonprofits need to have an email address associated with the nonprofit (don't use your personal email account).

  • • Be a verified 501(c)(3) and in good standing with US regulations, laws and procedures.

  • • Must be a US nonprofit (or at least have a US bank and phone number).

  • • Must have a Dwolla and Stripe account. These are free and can take just a few minutes to register for.

  • • Mission and purpose of a nonprofit must abide to all partners' terms of service, as well as their regulatory responsibility to any state and federal laws.

  • • Reddit Donate reserves the right to decline or revoke community status to an nonprofit organization should it be found to promote hate, greed, spam, or the like.

We hope that by protecting donors from scams, we'll be able to defend the legitimacy of real, hard-working charities and keep redditors' goodwill as meaningful as possible.

How do I get verified?

Nonprofits can apply for verification via reddit Donate. There are three steps in the process, which include:

  • • Gathering contact information

  • • Providing nonprofit information (including links to a nonprofits GuideStar and, if applicable, Charity Navigator page)

  • • Linking a nonprofit's Stripe and Dwolla accounts to reddit Donate. These services process and hold donations.

How long will verification take?

This is a passion project, so we're not holding ourselves to an exact timeframe, but we're working as fast as we can. We will be reviewing the applications manually.

Why didn't I get verified yet?

We may be backlogged or further investigating your application. If you think we made a mistake, please email us at [email protected]

I am a verified reddit Donate nonprofit, how do I get in touch with subreddit moderators?

We recommend creating a reddit account that consists of your nonprofit name. For every subreddit there is a section in the sidebar where you can contact the moderators. It is typically on the bottom right of the page. You can message individual moderators or the entire moderation team. If you think your nonprofit aligns with the subreddits core mission and ideology, than feel free to reach out and see if they'd be interested in adding a donate button into their sidebar. Please don't abuse messaging the moderators and be considerate of their time and inbox.

What information do we get from the donors?

After making a donation, donors will receive an email confirmation from reddit Donate. It will note the amount donated and the campaign supported.

As a verified nonprofit on reddit Donate, you will also have access to a CSV through your Dwolla and Stripe accounts. These resources will contain the necessary information to contact your donors.

Why Dwolla and Stripe?

Dwolla built reddit Donate in partnership with Stripe. Dwolla and Stripe facilitate the donations directly into the nonprofits bank account in a way that is simple, cheap and secure. Dwolla works with bank accounts and Stripe works with credit cards.

How much money does the nonprofit end up with?

This depends if the donor assumes the cost of processing the transaction. If so, you get the entire amount. If not, then it depends if they paid via credit card or Dwolla.

$10 and under = free to send/receive money
$10 and over = flat fee of 25¢

2.9% + 30¢ for any transaction.

My nonprofit is international, do you support this?

Unfortunately, not right now.

Is being verified really necessary?

Absolutely! The internet is an amazing thing, but many have used it to be less than honest. By taking these extra steps, we hope to convey confidence inside the reddit community that their hard-earned money is going to the worthy cause they care about, not some 44-year-old living their grandmother's basement. We do this to protect the integrity of real nonprofits doing good all over the world.


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